As an output of our R&D and production capability, we offer our Turnkey “Food Drying Systems”, “Mushroom and Compost Production Facilities” and “Industrial Flexible Hose” products and services to our domestic and foreign customers.

Industrial Flexible Hoses

Industrial flexible hoses have very wide range of use and generally used in all kinds of industrial applications, transferring air particles and other gaseous liquids.

These flexible hoses are produced from various materials and have the feature of bending, shrinking and elongation and they are resistant to both cold and hot environments. We produce the hoses with different production methods according to the area of use.
These flexible hoses are produced only by our company in Türkiye. As a domestic hose manufacturer, we can provide fast delivery times, reasonable prices and easy access to consumer companies for these hoses, which are produced in only 2 different locations all over the world and nationalized by our company.