With our AS 9100 Certificate, which is valid across the world, as a only manufacturer of ground support systems (PIT, PCA, Hose Retriever) and in-flight and in-helicopter “Ducting Systems” in Türkiye, as well as we design and manufacture Environmental Control Systems (ECS) for in-flights and helicopters.


Gökser R&D has been serving civil and military aviation with ground support equipment since 1987.

Ground Support Equipments for Civil Airports

Ground Support Equipments for Military Airports


Gökser designs and manufactures special ducting systems used in aviation industry in-flight systems.

These ducting systems have been certified according to Airbus’ test criteria by performing qualification and flight tests in an accredited institution.

Gökser is acting with the principle of modern production systems and modern management systems, our company has received the Aviation Industry Quality Management System Certificate which is internationally known AS 9100 Revision D.


Gökser has nationalised and brought to the country ECS systems for helicopters and training aircraft.

These systems are specially designed and produced for each aircraft type according to the specification values of the aircraft.

The ECS system ensures that the temperature, pressure and humidity values of the cockpit and electronic equipment are within the comfort limits under all outdoor conditions, with that the aircraft and pilots can fly safely, effectively and comfortably. System can provide automatic or manual temperature control in the cockpit. The system provides a homogeneous temperature distribution in the front and rear cockpit.